Cardinal George to Undergo Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Cardinal George to Undergo Surgery for Bladder Cancer

"I ask my fellow priests, the religious, all Catholics in the Archdiocese and other friends and colleagues to pray for me. I trust that the Lord will give me the strength and grace I need during these next days and weeks."

In some ways, this seems like a deja-vu experience. First Cardinal Bernardin, now Cardinal George. And most especially it is a deja-vu in perhaps the most important sense: both exhibit a trust in God regarding their disease that is hardly surprising. A friend of mine once said to me, "pray while you are well, because you cannot pray when you are sick." I'm not sure I agree with that totally, but it kind of makes sense. If you don't pray when you're well, praying when you're sick won't do any good: you won't have the context for faith that is required. Both Cardinal Bernardin, and now Cardinal George, have exhibited that faith that comes from their daily walk with Christ.

St. Peregrine, pray for Cardinal George, and for all who suffer from cancer.

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