Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Quiet! Come Out of Him! This is my homily for this Sunday. In paragraph three, the regular reader might notice a similar thought from a homily two weeks ago. But I was preaching to a different congregation that week, so I’m not doing reruns … Continued

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time: Repent and Belive in the Gospel Here’s my homily for this evening and tomorrow. This is my first weekend at the parish I’ve been assigned to as a deacon: St. John the Baptist in Winfield. I’m excited about beginning there, and I hope I have … Continued

Second Sunday of Ordinary Time: Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening 1/21/06: Once again, it’s been tooooo long since I’ve posted, so I’m posting this one a bit late, and it’s the homily I preached on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 14-15. It reflects on the readings for the Second Sunday … Continued

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