For you and for all [men]…

The other day in Presiding at the Eucharist class, the instructor corrected one of the guys who was using an older Sacramentary.  At the words of institution, he said "for you and for all men" … the word "men," of course, having been omitted years ago.  Someone said "well, 'men' means everyone," and the instructor… Continue reading For you and for all [men]…

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Singing During a Homily

As you may know from my last post, I decided to sing parts of the Exsultet in my homilies last weekend.  That was a controversial decision for me; since I was thinking better of it after I had made the decision.  One of the parish staff members was good enough to share her own reaction… Continue reading Singing During a Homily

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday): Rejoice!

I preached two different homilies this weekend: one for the regular Sunday (Cycle B of the Lectionary) and the other for the Second Scrutiny (which uses Cycle A of the Lectionary).  Both are given below.  I took special care to mention Laetare Sunday, the concept of rejoicing, which I looked at through the lens of… Continue reading Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday): Rejoice!

Third Sunday of Lent: Zeal for Your House will consume me… I think today’s Gospel story is very strange to many of us. It presents Jesus in a light that we don’t often see – kind of a violent light, in fact. I’ve often heard this story explained as a kind of justification for anger: that Jesus in his humanity was exhibiting the very human… Continue reading Third Sunday of Lent: Zeal for Your House will consume me…

Things we ought to give up for Lent

A surface reading of Catholic blogs lately has made me ponder the purpose of these things. Since it’s Lent, I thought maybe all of us, bloggers or readers, could resolve to give up some things: The use of the phrase “put the smackdown on…” in reference to religious leaders. For example, “Pope Benedict or Pope… Continue reading Things we ought to give up for Lent

Reconciliation Practicum, Day 1

I heard my first “fake confession” in my Reconciliation Practicum class today. I have to say it was pretty scary, but also an awesome feeling at the same time. It brought me back to a time probably eight years ago or more now, when I was going through a crisis of faith. I thought seriously… Continue reading Reconciliation Practicum, Day 1

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