Friday of the Twenty-second Week of Ordinary Time

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Today’s readings We sure have some scary readings today, don’t we?  They’re talking about floods, and fire and brimstone raining from the sky, and someone taken and another left behind.  That’s pretty scary stuff when you stop to think about … Continued

The Nativity of the Lord (Vigil Mass): Joseph’s Story

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Today’s readings Once, a very long time ago, there was a man named Joseph.  He was a well-respected and hard-working man, from the family of the great king David.  But since Israel hadn’t been a great nation in a long … Continued

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time [ Cycle B]

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Today’s readings When I was growing up, sometimes we would ask Mom what was for dinner, and she would often reply, “I don’t know; it’s not three o’clock yet!”  We were blessed, though.  We could count on the fact that … Continued

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