CNS STORY: Priests’ morale reported high despite hurt, anger at abuse crisis

CNS STORY: Priests' morale reported high despite hurt, anger at abuse crisis

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The morale of U.S. priests is high despite the hurt and anger they feel over the crisis of clergy sexual abuse of minors, a prominent priest-psychotherapist said at a seminar at The Catholic University of America.

Father Stephen J. Rossetti, president of St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md., and author of the recent book The Joy of Priesthood, led the April 24 seminar at the university's Life Cycle Institute. He reported on a survey of nearly 1,300 priests in 16 dioceses that he conducted between September 2003 and April 2005 to assess the effects of the abuse crisis on priestly morale.

It's too bad Fr. Rossetti's numbers here are a year old.  I understand why, but I wonder what the numbers would look like after the latest round of scandal, particularly here in the Chicago/Joliet area.  Having said that, his The Joy of Priesthood would be on my required reading list for any priest or seminarian.  I read it on my priesthood retreat and found it very helpful.

Yes, you can still find joy in your vocation in all this mess.