CNS Movie Review: United 93

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CNS Movie Review: United 93

NEW YORK (CNS) — Is it too soon for a big-screen drama about Sept. 11, 2001? Does anyone really want to relive the events of that awful day? Can any film that makes the attempt avoid the specter of exploitation?

Those questions will surely percolate in the minds of prospective ticket buyers.

And good questions they are indeed.  The CNS review seems to portray the film in a pretty good light, and it may just be worth seeing.  I had heard that the movie was controversial, and I guess the controversy is whether or not it's too soon to make this kind of movie, or if it should have been made at all.

The real question, I think is why would someone want to see a film about That Awful Day?  Maybe it's morbid curiosity, the kind of thing that explains how the media get away with sensationalizing some of the terrible things they cover.  But maybe it's to remember those who died on Sept. 11, or to remember our own feelings that day, or even to deal with our ongoing grief.  If one of the latter are the case, maybe it would be a good movie to see after all, and it sounds like the film handles the subject pretty well, at least according to this review.