Catholic Explorer: Diocese is jubilant at ordination of newest priest

Full story: Catholic Explorer :: Diocese is jubilant at ordination of newest priest


JOLIET—Over 300 friends, relatives, peers and mentors were on-hand to celebrate the ordination of Patrick Mulcahy, 41, to the priesthood June 3 at the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet.


As uplifting liturgical music reverberated throughout the sanctuary, Mulcahy entered the house of worship accompanied by more than 30 priests as well as deacons and seminarians from across the Joliet Diocese. “I was really overwhelmed with emotion,” he stated, reflecting upon the experience after the celebration. He admitted that the entrance procession “just left me speechless.”


“This is one of those special days when we recognize the presence of the Lord among us as we celebrate this sacrament of ordination,” said Bishop Joseph L. Imesch in his address to the congregation.

The Explorer had a very nice article on the front page this week about my ordination. And yes, I am still overwhelmed in a lot of ways! What an awesome thing. Tomorrow, I head to DesMoines for the ordination of one of my friends. This is the first time I'll actually get to lay hands on one of my friends in the ceremony, which is extremely cool!