Good Idea: LibraryThing

Library Thing: An Online Book Club?

I stumbled across LibraryThing today. It’s really kind of fun, and I hope it continues to do well. On LibraryThing, you can add your own book library, import your wish list from Amazon (or a list from just about anywhere), and maintain your library online. You can see some random books from my LibraryThing bookshelf on the right sidebar (go ahead and look … I’ll wait…)

Done? Good. Now go to LibraryThing and sign up. You can sign up for free to keep track of 200 books, or get unlimited tracking for $10 for a year or $25 for life. Why would you do that? Simple, if you love to read, it’s a great source of leads on the books you like. The more books of your own that you add, the more recommendations the site can give you from people who read the books you do.

I just started to play with it tonight, but I am really looking forward to exploring it. Now the next time I really need a new mystery novel, I can check for some recommendations and go from there. Very nice. Give it a look-see if you like to read!