Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Today’s readings

So the goal is for each of us disciples to bear much fruit.  That’s how the kingdom of God is built here in our time and place.  Jesus says that the way we get there is by remaining part of the vine, which is Jesus himself, and by being pruned.  Now I’ve seen a lot of pruning and have pruned more than a few bushes in my day.  You have to imagine that pruning is a rather painful process for the shrub or the tree.  That’s true of us too, I think.  When we prune away the parts of us that don’t bear fruit, it will hurt a bit.  We may have to turn away from relationships that we feel the need to continue but don’t do us any good.  We may need to change the way we eat or sleep or think or live, and that’s not going to be easy.  But the reward is totally worth it.  Getting rid of that fruitless growth gives us energy to be used for bearing fruit for the kingdom.  That is what gives glory to God, as Jesus tells us, and that is the point of all our lives.