Friday of the Second Week of Advent

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Today’s readings

One of the great obstacles to the spiritual life is when we come to believe that we ourselves have all the answers.  And there is a lot of that going around these days.  When it happens, we may be holding relative truth, even if we wouldn’t say that we do.   Or perhaps we insist on acting according to our opinions, or the opinions of whatever “expert” we have dredged up on the internet, instead of acting on consciences formed by Truth.  You’ve heard it before, when having a conversation about a moral issue.  People might say, “well I think…” whatever, as if that were the gold standard of morality and truth.

It’s cold comfort to see, in our gospel reading this morning, that we aren’t alone.  Jesus’ generation was much the same.  John the Baptist came across too strict, and Jesus came across like a drunkard and a partier.  But the real problem was that they both proclaimed the truth, and that was inconvenient. The crowds dismissed them both, because both required them to change their lives and their ways of thinking.  If John and Jesus were right, then they were wrong, and that was unsettling.It’s unsettling for us too, but we have the benefit of centuries of Church teaching to help us.  And so we are called to leave behind our own opinions and think with the grace of Truth.  It’s time that we considered that perhaps our own point of view isn’t the be-all and end-all of wisdom.  Advent is about dispersing the darkness with the light of Christ, and the light of his Truth.  The psalmist said it best: “Those who follow you, Lord, will have the light of life.”