Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter

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Today’s readings

Probably the most urgent task of our lives is to find our way.  Lots of people get hung up on that: often in happens in young adulthood, or perhaps even later.  They lose their way and maybe they don’t even know where they are going.  Thomas gives voice to that kind of thing which the other disciples were probably experiencing as well. 

At some level, we know the goal is heaven, we know we want to be there in the afterlife, but we forget, or we never realize, that getting there in the afterlife means finding it now.  The disciples thought they didn’t know the way, and maybe we think that too.  But really they, and we, have always known the Way, and also the Truth, and also the Life.

To get to heaven, we just have to follow the Way.  Now, and in the life to come.

Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed.  Alleluia.