Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter

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Today’s readings

Today’s readings are a reminder that we disciples have to be discerning. It is important for us to discern what the truth is so that we can be led to the one who is Truth itself. The Gentiles, who worshiped idols, didn’t have the context of monotheism – that there is one God – to help them. Paul and Barnabas did their best to catechize them, but there was much work to be done to overcome something that had been for the Greeks so culturally ingrained. The Gentiles didn’t have a context of God working through human beings, so they naturally mistook Paul and Barnabas for gods.

And in today’s Gospel, Jesus spells out how one can discern who is a true disciple. The true disciple, claiming that he or she loves God, will be one who keeps God’s commandments. If the disciple truly loves God, keeping God’s commandments would be second nature for him or her. But if one were to see someone claiming to love God and be his disciple but not obeying God’s commandments, one could conclude that person is not a true disciple.

Discernment is important for us, because we want authenticity in our worship and in our belief and understanding.  There are all kinds of voices out there seeking that we would follow them, and some of them are just lies.  They might try to convince us that we are unworthy of God’s love, or that we aren’t good enough to do the things God calls us to do.  They might try to convince us that the Church is lying to us to get us to obey, and the real truth is inside of us.  And there are so many other lying voices out there.  We need the discernment that is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit always speaks the truth.  When we come to know the One who is Truth itself, then we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and come to know the truth.

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!