Monday of the First Week of Lent

Today’s readings Be holy, for I, the LORD, your God, am holy. People often balk at the mere suggestion of being called to personal holiness.  Oftentimes, this is wrapped up in a misplaced and false humility, that kind of humility that says that since I’m good for nothing, and so there is no way I… Continue reading Monday of the First Week of Lent

The First Sunday of Lent: Remember Who You Are

Today’s readings It’s really easy for us to forget who we are. That’s what all that tempting in the desert was all about. The devil wanted Jesus to forget who he was, what he came to do, and so then have power over him. He would have Jesus forget that real hunger is not satisfied… Continue reading The First Sunday of Lent: Remember Who You Are

Ash Wednesday

Today’s readings In a sense, you know, we’re doing this wrong. We just heard Jesus give very explicit directions to his disciples that they were not to make a big deal about their fasting, almsgiving, and prayer.  They were to go to their rooms, close the door, and let it all happen before God alone, who sees… Continue reading Ash Wednesday

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today’s readings The joy of last week’s Laetare Sunday begins to fade a bit as we get into this fifth week of Lent. Now the Passion of our Lord is clearly in view. Maybe in your church, statues of the saints, Mary, and even Jesus on the Cross are covered by violet or red cloths.… Continue reading The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Monday of Holy Week

Today’s readings  There are two things going on in today’s Scripture readings. First, we have the Jews, and now Judas among them, who are very jealous of Jesus and are seeking to arrest and kill him. And not just him, but anyone who encourages people to believe in him, like Lazarus in today’s Gospel. In… Continue reading Monday of Holy Week

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