For you and for all [men]…

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The other day in Presiding at the Eucharist class, the instructor corrected one of the guys who was using an older Sacramentary.  At the words of institution, he said "for you and for all men" … the word "men," of course, having been omitted years ago.  Someone said "well, 'men' means everyone," and the instructor nodded.  I said "so does 'all.'" 

I'm not sure I fully understand why all the Liturgy purists insist on ticking people off.  "All men" is a phrase that would make some women feel excluded.  So if just plain old "all" works as well, is gramatically correct, and conveys what the Latin intends, why do we have to insist on using phrases that irritate people?  It makes me wonder if there's an agenda, or at least a passive-agressive tendency, to these folks and their arguments. 

Somehow, I think Christ's teaching, the whole of the Gospel, would counsel against intentionally irritating others and excusing it with the alleged intent of Liturgical purity.