Manger Six

I just got done posting Manger #6 over at my photoblog, part of my Advent Manger photo project. That got me to thinking about the (twisted) tune “Manger Six” by Bob Rivers. Always made me laugh. Head over to his site to hear it in streaming audio. Here are the lyrics:

(Parody of Motel 6 Commercial)

Hi this is Tom Bodett for Manger 6. We know you have been traveling alot this holiday season and you’ve probably been
told there is no room at the Inn. Well that’s just not the case here at Manger 6.

Why, for just 29 drachma we’ll put you up in a warm comfortable stable with plenty of fresh milk for the new born. There’s even individual stalls for your
mules, camels, or what ever happen to be drivin’ across the desert.

And in case unexpected visitors drop in on ya; Shepards, Wisemen, holy ghosts. It’s not a problem at Manger 6. There is plenty of Frankensence and Muir to go around.

This is Tom Bodett for Manger 6 remindin’ ya there’s always room in this Inn. We’ll even keep a star out for ya.