Monday of Holy Week

Today’s readings

There are two things going on in today’s Scripture readings. First, we have the Jews, and now Judas among them, who are very jealous of Jesus and are seeking to arrest and kill him. And not just him, but anyone who encourages people to believe in him, like Lazarus in today’s Gospel. For them it was all about them, and not at all about the God they supposedly believed in and served. Second, we have Mary, who pours out the most expensive thing she has for love of the Lord. It’s not at all about her, and she understands in some way where this is all headed. So we have the jealousy of the Jews and Judas against the love and generosity of Mary. In these Holy days, we are called to be Mary, to pour ourselves out in love and generosity, even when the jealousy of the world around us would try to prevent that.