Thursday of the Third Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings

There’s a little line in the Gospel reading that could pass us right by, or at least puzzle us to the extent that we forget it and move on.  But I don’t think we should.  That line is: “Take care what you hear.”  It closely follows Jesus’ other hearing-related line: “Everyone who has ears ought to hear.”

Sometimes we choose to hear just what we want to hear, and that seems to be the opposite of what our Lord is counseling today.  Instead, we ought to be ready to hear the Truth, and to speak and witness to that Truth at all times, like a lamp on a lampstand.

We will be measured by our willingness to do that, and when we have courage to bring the Truth to a world in need of hearing it, still more graces will be measured out to us.

Take care what you hear.

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