Monday of the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time

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Today’s readings

It’s easy to have faith when our enemies aren’t pursuing us, isn’t it?  When things are going well, we can be people of faith with the best of them.  But it does take a certain amount of sainthood to have faith in the face of opposition of whatever kind you can imagine.  For the Israelites, it was the pursuing Egyptians; for the Pharisees, it was the destruction of their worldview; for us it might be illness, or unemployment, or the death of a loved one.  It’s hard to have faith when our faith is tested.  But that’s when faith is faith, really.  Like the Pharisees, there is something greater than Solomon here.  We have Jesus Christ, who proved that God loves us first by laying down his life for us.  If our faith is real, then we must trust that God has hold of us even in our darkest moments, and that the way he chooses to answer our prayers will be greater than we can imagine.