Wednesday of the Twentieth Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings

We spend a lot of time, too much time really, looking at other people and what is going on with them.  We can be so worried that others will end up with something better than what we have, that we may very well miss the great blessings that are set out for us.  None of those migrant workers were cheated, indeed the landowner was fair to all of them.  But he went beyond fair; he also recognized the plight of the poor.  In case you missed it, that is the Gospel, brothers and sisters in Christ.  He decided to give more than he had to to those who might have otherwise gone without anything.  He recognized his duty to the poor, and we would all do well to follow his example, because that’s what Christ expects of us.  We are also expected to be thankful people.  If we have worked all day by the sweat of our brow to earn what we have, then we should be grateful for the grace of honest work.  If we received a gift we could never earn, then we should be grateful for the grace freely given.  But we must never sully it by looking at what others have received, lest we miss noticing the graces we have received and miss the opportunity to be thankful.